Painting & Industrial Services

Painting & Industrial Services, LLC

D&L Camouflages Military equipment

        Due to our past work on trailers, and forklifts for Fort Polk we were chosen to paint some of the military's big trucks. The current batch being painted includes; Ambulances, and humvees, which still have their 50-caliber machine guns on top. Also being resurfaced is this Vietnam Era M-60 Tank that will be restored to it's original condition to be put on display at Fort Polk.


Painting and Sand Blasting Services:

With over 20,000 sq. feet for sandblasting and painting we are able to do any job, no matter how large or small it may be.

You May Have Seen Our Work!

Restoring the I-10 Bridge Railing

Spanning 1.3 miles and packing 10,572 guns, the Calcasieu River bridge is a noteworthy landmark for travelers along Interstate 10. • The “guns” are actually the likeness of dueling pistols, crossed at the barrels and forming a decorative part of the support for the iron hand rails lining the sides of the bridge.